Track Leads

Track Leads is a lead management tool for all types of businesses- small, medium & big. The tool helps you visualise your sales pipeline and source prospective clients accordingly. You can prioritize important leads to arrange follow ups by your sales team thereby organising and segregating the leads. The Track Leads tool helps generate leads as well as makes follow ups easy, reducing workloads for the front line staff and management team. You can create a database that would remain with the respective company even if the sales personnel decide to terminate his/her work contract with your company. Track Leads therefore is an effective lead pipeline management tool that will benefit the sale team immensely.

Track leads serves as

  • An effective client sourcing tool
  • Helps sales team document and prioritize a prospective client.
  • Businesses using track leads can get a filtered list of prospective clients or Hot leads.
  • Helps focus on sourcing a client instead of spending enormous time maintaining data
  • Helps businesses strategize and align their objectives.

Track leads offers a complete view of the prospective sales pipeline. The tool helps identify trends, spot prospects, increase productivity and reduce cost with the detailed documentation of the information gathered from prospective clients by the sales team.


  • Helps create an Organization tree comprising of details i.e. head office, departments, management staff, employees and more.
  • Helps define the organization structure thereby allowing to create multiple office locations
  • Easily Add clients under each office
  • Easily add job roles, functionalities and new employees for each location.
  • Allows to check the probability of getting a project or closing a deal.
  • Set up reminders to check on next follow up
  • It helps keep the database safe and secure by enabling encryption options for businesses to secure their data.
  • Easily segregate conformed and prospective leads.
  • Its user friendly and allows easy search or source tracing.
  • Allows self-hosting and shared hosting


  • Allows effective follow up by senior sales personnel or business development manager
  • Helps with easy continuity of the business
  • The documentation also allows to anticipate the proportion of work that can be expected from the clients
  • Based on the documentation the senior managers can decide whether the client should be approached or not.
  • The documentations help decide if the lead would convert into a sale or not
  • Based on the documentations the tool allows to make intelligent decisions/ final decisions

Who can use?

Any company with a sales wing can benefit from Track Leads

  • Construction companies
  • IT companies
  • Real estate companies

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