QuizzyBox can help plan, share and curate learning. Form your own question bank to build and develop data on various subjects. Easily categorize the questions based on the subject and level of complexity. QuizzyBox is a boon in assessing and eLearning thereby tracking the participants’ knowledge level.

Product Website : http://quizzybox.com


  • Wide range of questions can be uploaded: “Comprehension, fill in the blanks, right ticks etc.”
  • Coin questions with options- “Multiple choices with one answer or multiple answers”
  • Conduct open book assessment
  • Participants can learn and evaluate after attempting random questions
  • The tests carry ratings based on the complexity of the questionnaire
  • Generate performance reports
  • Different types of questionnaires on various subjects can be uploaded
  • Organize quizzes based on user requirement
  • Create tests for one time or frequent quiz takers
  • Quiz maker can set up private or shared question banks
  • Easily upload your tailor made questionnaire
  • Quiz takers can attempt to tests and submit with answers
  • Questions can be organized easily
  • It’s simple to use and easy to manage
  • Manage the examiner and participant details
  • Maintain the quiz history as well as new quiz questions
  • Tests can be taken repeatedly
  • The questions carry ratings to define the complexity of the test
  • “Practice tests” can be attempted innumerable times without any limitations
  • “Assessments” can be reviewed after every attempt
  • Comes with user interface allowing customization of color scheme
  • Custom Portal URL
  • Application Program Interface


  • Academic institutes can build their own question bank on different subjects
  • The questionnaire can be rated based on its level of complexity
  • Students can learn and evaluate their performance
  • Minimal effort is required to prepare a quiz saving time and human efforts

Who Can use it

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Companies
  • Banks
  • Public and Private sector

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Plan, share and curate learning with questions based on subject and level of complexity.

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