IMPART - Learning Management System

IMPART offers comprehensive solution for all your teaching and training needs. IMPART offers more control in conducting online classes. IMPART offers the flexibility to build an online academy in easy steps.

An easy to use platform, IMPART is designed to provide online training to aspiring students. The online training platform that IMPART uses is designed to save time. IMPART is designed to deliver high impact training in minutes by helping trainers create their online academy.


  • Operate with ease even from a remote location
  • Allows students to easily register and enroll online
  • Live online classes
  • Playback recorded online classes
  • Course fee payment through Secured Payment Gateway
  • Easy access to online study material
  • Online assessments
  • Secure video streaming to avoid unsolicited visitors
  • Can be operated by more than one trainer
  • Can accommodate many students in one session
  • Create or customize courses online
  • Organize online courses spanning more than a day


  • Trainers, students can conveniently conduct / attend classes from home
  • Institutes / Schools can save a lot on infrastructure cost as IMPART is an Online Virtual Academy
  • Trainers can train from any part of the globe with the help of a tablet or a laptop
  • The online classes are interactive, meeting the nuances of the conventional classes
  • Trainers / Institutes can spread their operations throughout the globe
  • Trainers and students can save time and money by eliminating travel time

Who can use it?

  • Training institutes
  • Universities and schools
  • Freelance trainers / teachers

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