Chat Support Service

Professional chatting service is the need of the hour. It drives a company’s growth. Our complete chat support package helps you offer your customers the highest satisfaction rate on live chat compared to email or phone support.

Why choose us?

We provide

  • 24/7 operation
  • Set up dedicated desks for every client
  • Medium of support in English
  • Chat support through your existing chat software or use a new one
  • Daily and monthly reports appraising the operation

Our implementation method

  • 5-6 trained resources per desk providing nonstop support
  • Knowledge base with FAQs created for each client
  • Constant upgrade of knowledge base
  • Escalation report emailed to you on daily basis

Improve your customer service

How do you benefit?

You will see increase in lead generation and satisfied customers

  • Most cases will be resolved on the spot
  • Prevent losing customers at check out

Deliver benchmark Customer Service

Set the customer service benchmark in a way that’s convenient for you. Our support services will offer you quick resolution and professional support by answering all the queries.

Manage your Workflow

Our workflow management features help you deliver quality support while growing your business.

  • Manage the volume with chat routing.
  • Your agents are not overloaded with calls

Chat support non-stop on any device

Whatever device your customers are using you will be able to offer chat support. You can offer chat support in context and on mobile.

Comprehensive support for your customers

Our support services

We provide various chat support services for different requirements

  • Commercial Support – Inquiries about purchase, registration & more
  • Consumer technical support – Inquiries about technical specifications & error messages
  • Consumer Malware support – Inquiries about malware removal instructions, false positives etc.
  • Business support – Inquiries about business products

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