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An innovative and easy way to advertise a product, brand or organization is through digital medium. Running an Effective Email Marketing Campaign is one of the ways we help you grow your contact database. Using the convenience of an email we communicate important messages, updates, tips and promotions to recipients who’ve opted to receive such information. Our email marketing campaigns showcase your business to the target audience, help nurture your contact database and use it all to increase your revenue. Therefore, effective email campaigns are important because they help you keep in touch with new as well as existing contacts.

Our email marketing campaign helps the client send personalized messages to a group of targeted customers. It is always difficult to keep customers engaged in digital space for an extended period. Therefore, our campaigns incorporate customized templates when a new email or re-order mail is sent. Our campaign strategy plays a big role in establishing direct and personal relationship between you and your customers. Each campaign adds value to the business so we conduct a series of detailed analysis about your product, service and proposed customers. We help track the list of targeted customer and analyze the impact of the campaign to develop the future campaigns accordingly.

Each business is different, therefore personalized emails, templates, design, landing pages and more, relevant to the email campaign are created. Our email campaigns help analyze your brand performance. You will receive a detailed report with information about trends, usage, subscriptions and social engagement. Our email marketing campaign can be customized according to your requirement providing you a comprehensive ensemble of services. The primary services we cover in email marketing campaigns are:

  • New Email and re-order email
  • Set up tracking
  • Create template
  • Create landing pages
  • Send inquiry forms with an email opt-in field
  • Set up tracking and maximize ROI
  • List Segmentation
  • Newsletter sign up via email
  • Testimonial email

Our smart email marketing campaigns are aimed at exposing your business to potential customers and increase your revenue.

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