Project Models

NoryaTech has different types of project models. These models help clients to choose an IT Service that meets their business requirements. All the project models offer knowledge transfer of the product followed by Post Transfer Maintenance of the same.

The Fixed Cost Project Model is Ideal for short term or small sized projects. Every client requesting for this model receives a Proof of Concept (PoC), post the agreement of the PoC between the client and NoryaTech, the project commences. This model comes with predefined requirements and schedules. Therefore, an estimate from our team on the scope and complexity of the project is presented to clients. Based on the estimation, the work schedule and delivery date along with the cost is provided to clients. The timeframe and cost determined for the project is thereby fixed.

The Time and Resource Project Model is relevant for clients that require technical support assistance to manage their business. Our team of experts help allocate relevant resources and time to ensure the clients requirement is met and their project is completed on time. Further, we also extend assistance in managing the clients project, if a request for the same is made. We offer meticulous management and adequate resources to get the job done. Along with, we ensure the required technical support is provided and the overall progress of the project is tracked. The cost for the project model is based on time and resource allocation.

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Project Model is beneficial for clients in need of assistance throughout the process implementation. The BOT project model is ideal and beneficial for clients who require our resources to operate the end product for them. Based on mutual agreement, a time frame and complete detail of services that would be offered to build the product is presented to the client. Once the product is developed to client’s satisfaction, clients can choose to further utilize our team and other resources for continual assistance.

The operational responsibilities are handed over to the client post the agreed time frame. Clients are provided with complete explanation of the product functionality. Our team of experts ensure that the transfer of the operational details to the clients take place in an easy manner. Our team thereby handholds the clients till they are comfortable with the usage of the product. When the client request for BOT project model, they can opt either for fixed cost project model or time and resource project model.

Build, Transfer and Maintain Project Model is ideal for clients who possess the necessary skillsets to operate the product after the development. A time frame and complete detail of services that would be offered to build the product is laid out before the client on a mutual agreement. Once the product is developed it is handed over to the client. Further, if the clients wish for the same to be maintained, then we provide services accordingly. In this project model we thereby Build, Transfer and Maintain the product for the clients. Client in need of the BTM project model can opt, either for fixed cost project model or time and resource project model.

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